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the art of aerial photography



Being able to experience and photograph Africa’s great wildernesses from above is an incredible privilege and one that after more than a decade of exploration still leaves us breathless at the magic and exhilaration of it all.

With our intensive aerial photographic workshops, we share our exceptional knowledge and experience of what to photograph, where and when in specialised aircraft that will allow you to get the best shots.

After years of photographing, flying and teaching, and with our photographs receiving international acclaim and being featured in a myriad of publications such as National Geographic and GEO, we are in a unique position to offer a highly specialised aerial photographic experience in Africa for photographers that wish to push the boundaries of their photography while experiencing some of the wildest and most beautiful wilderness on earth.

Safety always comes first, and all our aerial photographic workshops are organised with full cooperation with our wide network of specialised aviation companies, local experts and guides.

Contrary to other workshops, we believe in spending longer stretches of time in fewer locations. This ensures that the workshop participants get acquainted with the area, get to know our secret places and achieve the best shots in the best weather conditions. All of which is only possible if we spend enough time in select locations.

We offer photographic tuition in composition; technical and post processing and all our clients are encouraged to make use of our expert knowledge for the duration of the workshop.

You will get to experience truly extraordinary and remote places and with the variable heights, elevations and angles that are possible when filming or photographing from our helicopters and fixed wing aircraft we can guarantee that you will create the most exceptional images.




Jay and Jan are adventurers, creatives, authors, photographers and aviators, whose passion in life is to share their love and experience of Africa's wildest places with like minded people. And this is exactly what they do. They have taken guests all over the African continent to expertly photograph wildlife and nature from the sky and on the ground.


By providing only the best service and with their unique and specialized service offerings and experience have become the quintessential guides for those wishing to experience Africa in a private and authentic way .

Through their extensive photographic travels over the past 20 years they have become intimately acquainted  with some of the most beautiful wildernesses spaces in Southern Africa. “Our deep love for this captivating region has culminated in Skyhawk Safaris and a travel offering of hand-picked places that have touched our souls and taken our breath away”

Their published book “Aerial Art” is the culmination of a remarkable journey; a vibrant collection of wild and enchanting images that are instantly recognizable by their unique style and approach. Their photography has been widely published in magazines including Africa geographic, National Geographic Traveler, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian Nature’s Best Photography, CNN, Wild Travel and the United Nations Environmental programme. Their images have received commendations in both local and international photographic competitions.


With time being our most precious resource and Africa being as big as China, India, the US and most of Europe put together, private air travel not only gives one a unique perspective of the beauty of Africa but also bridges large distances quickly to make the most of your time in Africa.

Having self flown hundreds of thousands of nautical miles over Southern Africa for more than a decade we can guarantee an adventure of a lifetime for self fly pilots with expert advice on flying in these vast wilderness areas and unbiased guidance & recommendations as we tailor make an itinerary that is perfect for you.

We have forged solid relationships with some of the most reputable accommodation through Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, that share our values which include exceptional quality, sustainability, great design and exceptional service.


SEATING: All passengers get a window seat. The seating allocation is done by the pilot according to weight and balance which will be ascertained before hand during your safety briefing.

CLOTHING: It can be quite windy with door off so we suggest you put on a sweater or jacket before entering the helicopter. It is also advisable for people with medium to long hair to tie their hair up before the flight.

TAKING PICTURES: Doors of the helicopter will be removed for photographic flights to enable optimal photo opportunities. Please note that when the doors are off it does get windy. Ensure you are wearing a jacket, your hair is tied up, that you don’t have any toggles or cords on your jacket that could interfere. Also ensure that all cameras are securely harnessed around your neck.

WEATHER: Namibia’s weather conditions are fairly constant all year round and make it a perfect flying and photography destination. However, flights are weather dependent and on the off chance that we encounter weather that would be counter productive to a photographic or scenic flight it will have to be rescheduled.

SAFETY: You will be flying in the safest and most reliable helicopters in the world – the Bell Jet Ranger and Robinson series. Your safety as passenger is paramount. All aircraft and pilots are certified with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and we pride ourselves that we adhere to even higher levels of safety that exceeds regulatory requirements. All passengers are given a thorough safety briefing prior to their flight, including operation of doors, seatbelts and general safety awareness around the helicopter.


There is a talent to building the perfect custom photo safari that comes with years of local knowledge. We pride ourselves in going to great lengths to ensure each experience is personally designed to fit your exact needs.


Custom experiences are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible so that you can take your photography to another level. Part of our core business is building Custom Photo Safaris for private photographer travelers.


These bespoke trips are designed in consultation with clients so that the photographic workshop:

  • Meets their exact and precise needs.

  • Travel according to their own time schedule.

  • Uses our extensive knowledge of the photographic seasons and location knowledge to maximize their photo opportunities.

  • A personal professional photographer to guide and tutor you is the best way to improve your skill level and ultimately your images.

To read more about how to take that perfect aerial image please visit 







Experience Namibia as it has never been seen before.


Fly over the ancient dune fields of the Namib and the shores of the icy Atlantic and photographs some of the most spectacular patterns of this Geological wonderland - the ultimate destination for aerial artists.

IMG_4869 copy.jpg




The ultimate destination for Aerial photographers. Capture the wonders of nature and the Eden of Africa from a truly remarkable perspective. 

Amelia Earhart — 'You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky.'

IMG_2458 copy.jpg





Experience Namibia as it has never been seen before.


Fly over the ancient dune fields of the Namib and the shores of the icy Atlantic and photographs some of the most spectacular patterns of this Geological wonderland - the ultimate destination for aerial artists.

IMG_1837 copy.jpg




The ultimate destination for Aerial photographers. Capture the wonders of the spectacular island chain of the Bazaruto from a truly remarkable perspective. 

Turquoise oceans, estuaries, flamingo and dhows. It doesn't get better than this.

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